Home Buyer Process

Process: There are several steps to a process of purchasing a home. Below is a standard list of steps that homebuyers undertake in the process of purchasing a home:
  • Designate a home that you want to purchase, negotiate with the seller a price and other terms, and enter into a Purchase Agreement and appropriate disclosures for the home. This can be done with or with out an agent.
  • After the Purchase Agreement is signed, you or your lender will choose a closing agent and title attorney to assist in the transaction. Among other things that the closing agent and attorney will do is to have the Abstract brought up to date and reviewed by an attorney to prepare a Title Commitment or Title Opinion.
  • Once the Title Opinion or Title Commitment is completed it will be disseminated to all parties and the file will then be ready for our one of our real estate closers to handle the closing and disbursement of funds.
  • After the Title Commitment or Title Opinion is disseminated, our team will coordinate with the lender and Agents involved in the transaction to fulfill all lender requirements including the preparation of the Closing Disclosure (CD) or ALTA.
  • Once the CD is prepared the buyer will approve the Closing disclosure with your Lender or Agent that is assisting.
  • Closing will then be scheduled and you will be made aware of the requirements of closing including the funds to close and proper identification to provide.
  • Closing day then occurs where a member of Select Settlement Services, Inc. will guide you through the documentation while answering any questions you may have.
  • Once the closing is completed Select Settlement Services, Inc. will disburse the file and file the appropriate documentation with the county for your ownership of the property.